RaceRoom The Game: Roadshow Edition 2010

raceroom the game roadshow edition  raceroom the game roadshow edition

A freeware racing game from Simbin. It features two types of racing cars with various livery options and three variations of the famous German racetrack, Hockenheim. You have to register at their RaceRoom site to log-in into the game for the first time. After that, you can either log-in again or choose to play offline in later sessions. After every time you quit the game , it opens the RaceRoom site but it is not a big deal considering this is a quality title.

Tetrominic Note: There is one thing that could bother you while playing though, and that’s banners. Luckily you can get rid of them. Go to the installation directory and either edit the “.ini” file in the “Banners” folder or just delete that folder called “Banners” altogether. Deletion of the folder doesn’t affect the game.

Download RaceRoom The Game