Advertise Your Indie Game on Square Tetromino

You are an independent game developer(team) and would like to support the sites that provide coverage of you? Well, maybe it’s not the smartest idea to promote on a freeware games blog; but considering Square Tetromino’s natural connection with indie gaming, your game will reach a very specific audience who are very interested in finding something new, something alternative, something indie.

What I am trying to achieve here is actually a smart donation system where I will try to provide a more practical way of saying “thank you”. Square Tetromino is already showing ads to non-registered wordpress users. I don’t have any control on these ads and nor do I benefit from them. Thus; rather than showing dynamic targeted ads, I would rather have static ones which I can manage easily; while at the same time helping independent gaming culture. What you will be paying Square Tetromino will be primarily spent on buying a “remove ads” upgrade so that I can get rid of targeted ads, if i can save enough.

The pricing is simple; I am asking for half the price of the game that will be advertised per month, with the upper limit being $5. What this means is if your game is sold for $4 then it’s $2/month for the ad. However; if your game is $20, I will just ask for $5 as it’s the upper limit. It’s a basic flat rate and there’s no pay per impression. The ads will be static banners at the footer. As the posts on Square Tetromino are very short, the footer part is actually as visible to viewers as any upper part of the site.

I would very much like to prefer DRM-free games to be advertised.

That’s all for now. You can contact me via:


twitter: @SquareTetro