Write Stuff, Get Stuff

I have been thinking about ways to give Steam keys and although not the best; I would like to hear your ideas/feedback on various things, rather than making you do things that won’t benefit you too much. We will start with the Steam itself. As I don’t live in the Steam habitat, the ideas of the people who use it are pretty interesting to hear. Please comment about your Steam experience and you might get a key mailed to you. Do you use solely Steam or do you use things like Desura also? How often do you check games on Greenlight? And things like that.

WordPress lets you log-in with your social media accounts but I would prefer you use the default send form which contains Name/E-mail fields which would make my job easier. I hope this works and I don’t end up sending non-working keys.

In total, three commenters will get one steam code among these games: Blockstorm, of Guards and Thieves and Orbital Gear . Check below for their trailers:


1 thought on “Write Stuff, Get Stuff

  1. Personally I use just Steam because there’s a very wide variety of games you can purchase and on top if it there’s the awesome community feature. So therefore I use Steam not only for gaming but for the social aspect somewhat too. As a developer myself, I check Greenlight all the time and I always help out other devs that may be in need of getting their work green lit and on the market. I have been playing on Steam since I was 5 (I’m 16 now) and I never regret making my very own steam account and purchasing cheap games. I’ve had some of the most fun moments in my whole life playing games online on Steam and I want to share my fun experiences with others by making games which others can enjoy as well. Steam does indeed involve spending a lot of money but at the same time it pays off when you want to show off your cool account or want to play a specific game based on the mood you’re in. Even if it’s not professionally, playing games like CS:GO can pay off with weapon drops which can be sold for Steam cash, which is essentially the same value as real money. I hope my brief summary of my viewpoint on Steam was alright and maybe I’ll win a Steam key haha.

    Contact me: @RistunGaming (Twitter)
    or Email: arashi@rezinesoftware.com

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