Info for Indie Game Devs

As Square Tetromino, my main aim is to list the games that I enjoyed playing and sharing them with other people. This also includes your game! I can safely say -from the previous mails i get- I will find a place for your game. This blog is only for freeware&open-source games and I am somehow picky about what to put here. Let’s say you have made a game and won’t charge for it or it’s open-source, but does this guarantee it being posted on here?

The answer is unfortunately no. However I thought of something to overcome this issue. I made another blog! -not the brightest idea, I admit.- I post about gaming culture and various other alternative video gaming related content there so I will channel all things that I don’t find suitable for this blog to that blog, which is called Rawket Lawncher.

I am far less selective at Rawket Lawncher so I will try my best to post something about your game there. I also do semi-serious pseudo-interviews called #DevChat Logs with developers and post them unedited. You can check them at Rawket Lawncher and see what they look like. Rawket Lawncher is about being raw and unprofessional so that’s why I do it that way. If you are ok with it, we might exchange skype names and have a little chit chat.

I am also open to non-free Indie games. If I find sufficient time, I will write a review or at least post about them. Kickstarter and other crowd funding game projects are also welcome.

I have to inform you that, this does not mean “anything goes”. The following criteria still apply:

  • No Apple exclusive software(MacOS,iOS): Multiplatform games that are also released for Apple devices are ok but please don’t send exclusive titles for Apple devices.
  • No Windows 8/RT/Phone only titles: similar to the explanation above. This rule and the one above means no “App Market(ex: Apple App Store/Windows Store)” only games.
  • Free2Play: They are not strictly left out, but I will be very selective about them. For example if the cash shop affects the competitiveness of the game, it won’t make it to the blog.
  • No Ad Supported Android Games: I have to be careful with Android Games as many apps track user behavior or perform similar malicious actions against the user. This rule also helps with decreasing the number of mails I get.
  • No Strict DRM: This includes games that require you to connect to the internet to unlock. Exceptions may be online multiplayer oriented games that require internet connection to play.

Please beware that Rawket Lawncher does not have to be all about “responsible journalism”. Rawket Lawncher does not declare itself as “gaming journalism”. It contains obscure humor. I occasionally throw a joke or two; however, you can be sure that I WON’T bash your game. I WON’T put your game to the target, that’s what others do.

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