Square Tetromino Freeware&Open-Source Games Blog

Square Tetromino is a collection of freeware/open-source games from the web. The only criterion that decides if a game is featured here or not is my pure subjective thoughts on the game. You may find it stupid at first but at least it provides the reader with some -but not always applicable/valid- advantages.

The first one is, nearly all games in this blog are playable which means I won’t post any game that I failed to run and you won’t download some useless data that just doesn’t work -well maybe specific issues may happen, I don’t know anything about your set-up-. Second is, I will try my best to post games that will take a decent time to finish, -or will have you entertained for a good time for games like tetris or space invaders clones which are score-driven- . I like short games don’t get me wrong -actually if there is something original, interesting or anything that caught my eye, I will make exceptions and post about short games too- but I want to provide the reader with games that s/he will download and enjoy for a good time. That does not mean hours and hours of gameplay though, but you get the point. Third is, I will try my best to feature games that have somewhat of a standard or quality you may say. This is especially important for Mugen fighting games, most of which are just compilations of hundreds of characters that does not match each other in terms of sprite and gameplay. If I post a Mugen fighter, that will mean its a complete package with competitive gameplay. For other games my “quality” concept is not about graphics but again being a “good complete package” which won’t cost you any trouble. Some freeware comes with some adware or other types of spyware in it. If I happen to run into one, I will either a) not bother to post it, or b) post it with instructions on how to get rid of those pesky addons -if it can be done of course, otherwise “option a”-.

I wasn’t thinking about writing any game reviews but I get mails from people suggesting their games to be covered/reviewed. I don’t like ignoring people so I decided to make another blog here and move all things gaming culture related there.

I still kind of hate online/offline game reviews because, honestly, nearly all -let’s not be brutally ignorant though, there are *crosses fingers* decent ones out there somewhere- online reviews fail in some small to epic proportions and I want to punch my monitor -this is also true for my reviews-. They are generally written by “gamers” , a term I quite hate. I play games but I don’t like to call myself a “gamer” because of the sheer stupidity of the online gamer community. Most of the time I come across things like “imposing subjective thoughts as facts” , “deliberately claiming a game as being “innovative” “best” or having “good graphics” which is done just because the reviewer “likes” the game. Come on people, it doesn’t hurt to say: “This game is not that good, but strangely enough I liked playing it” .I grew in the age when we used to exchange cartridges and only gamer community was people I knew from school,family..etc. It’s a different age now and everybody can voice their opinions on the internet. It’s a great thing and a huge step taken towards “freedom of speech” but I am disappointed most of the time I read an online review so I won’t bother you with that.

So, “What’s the difference between your blog and many many others out there? You might ask. The thing is, I actually admit my subjectivity about selection of games. A game does not necessarily be “good” to be here, I go “liked it? post it” approach. This blog is about games I personally like to play, used to play or would like to play in the near future.

I have to inform you that this is just my approach, meaning if you review games in your blog, or write about anything gaming or technology related or even completely unrelated, you can contact me for networking.

The blog is maintained by only one person right now. To contact me, you can use the contact links at the bottom of the page.